Roman Romanovskyi Wins 888poker XL Eclipse Main Event

The 888poker XL Eclipse No 32 $1,000,000 Main Event had a total gathering of 710 entries. The tournament had a shortfall of guarantee with Romeopro33 who was the benefactor for taking down the tournament with an impressive $187,500 and was awarded as the champion. Romanovskyi had a tough battle against Isildur1337x Mattsson, as he has been the chip leader for the majority of the final table. post some chip lead alterations between the two, and the one to be on the top was Romeopro33 as sent Isildur1337x in 2nd place. He achieved $135,000 for his hard efforts.

In addition, there were quite a few renowned 888poker ambassadors who joined the Main Event to play such Dominik, Moorman, Nitsche, Lovgren, Talbot, and Sofia. After the late registration duration came to an end, around 90 places were being paid. Pullztrigger was the one to dub the bubble boy on level 21 and other remaining players received a minimum cash amount of $2,600. As usual, the play started off well post the players began to drop rapidly. The event was even more interesting after it reached 5 tables and the final table was set only at level 32.

The first one to step out of the final table was NumbeeerONE as he lost most of his chips to none other than Isildur1337x as he an ace-queen into aces. After a few hands, NumbeeerONE took an exit as they moved in with king 9 against Wismaki’s ace-king. Post the first elimination in the final table, Kamcumir was victimized to Isildur 1337x post nut flush draw against a top pair of queens of Isildur1337. Kamcumir was sent home after he reached 8th place. Varonislv continued to battle as long as he could and the flop came down in his favor. Wisimaki was eliminated from the event in 6th place. The 888poker XL Eclipse Main Event was quite an impressive event.