PartyPoker Championship Challenge

The new tournament that is opening up for people all over the world has a grand prize of $100,000. PartyPoker is opening up the tournament for the Euro cup in Poland and Ukraine running the championship challenge.

It is currently in play all way up till June 1, where PartyPoker players have a chance to earn points. These party points can be used to collect a random football player for every 10 points you earn. In the Euro cup there are 16 teams in all which gives you a grand total of 64 players that you have a chance to collect. By collecting the party points you should be able to get yourself a whole team in no time at all, and possibly join forces with the likes of
Peter Eastgate or Phil Hellmuth!

The first person that collects all 64 unique footballers can take home the grand prize of $100,000. The catch is that you have to be the first player to collect all of them but you can win a variety of other cash prizes as well. If this seems a little bit out of your reach you can always win seats in freerolls and up to $20.00 cash for individual players.

Collecting a whole team will still get you a prize of $50.00 for England but if you decide to collect or have the chance to get the Euro cup host which is Poland you can earn a nice purse of twelve hundred dollars.

Obviously the prize gets bigger as the more complete teams you can collect. With the prizes ranging from $2000 to $7000 many people will be trying to collect four entire teams to get this purse. The one stipulation that you have to think about is that you can only collect up to 100 football players every day through this promotion. This promotional end as soon as one player collects all 64 unique football players.