Kathy Liebert : A World Series poker player

Kathy liebert is a women poker player. Her residence is the lass Vegas, Nevada. She has been continuously showing her best performance in the poker tournaments.

She has shown her good better and best in the coming matches. She is popularly known as the poker cat due to her attractive and attention fetching performance. She was born on the 1st October in the year 1967. Her present age is near about 47 years of age. In the world series of the poker tournament she has won one bracelets. She has in total 36 bracelets in the world tournament. She has achieved the 17th highest position in the ITM main event finish.

In the world poker tournament she has unfortunately none that is zero titles. But she has achieved 6 final tables she also has 15 money finishes in the world poker tournament. In the European international poker tournament she had none titles. Not even a single final table but she achieved 1 money finishes. She is an American professional poker player she started her professional poker career as a probe player in the Colorado. Then further she continued with the more events and more matches in which she improved her performance match by match. She than enter entered the poker international tournaments.

She has made 5 world poker tournaments final tables. She also achieved the 3rd place finish in the 2005 borgata poker open. Tournament event at the wtp invitational in commerce California. In the year 2004 World Series of the poker libretto she won the gold bracelet in the $1,500 limit Texas hold’em. At the  shootout event she was also one of the 3 women’s to win an open event in that world series 2005 poker royal battle of sexes. As of the year 2013 she is one of the world series of the poker bracelet and her total live tournaments’ her total winnings and exceed of $5,800,800.