Brazilian ‘Living A Lie’ Claims Poker

Brazilian Dan is attracting people to watch his luxury lifestyle video claiming that, he had earned all the money by playing poker.

But, the experts of poker of different view on that, according to them, Brazilian does not have enough skill to become millionaires by playing poker and his claims are false.

The Brazilian has posted his lavish lifestyle photograph on Instagram and has attracted 20 million likes. He has shared the pictures of his outrageously lavish lifestyle and has attracted so many people to follow him. But, the poker has different story on that; it claims that, things shown by Dan Brazilian in the picture are true. But, his claim that he has earned all the money to spend on this lavish lifestyle has come from poker is not correct.

The Brazilian has claimed that he has made millions by playing card games. In an interview in the year 2013 he said “I lost all my money in gambling, and was left with no money. Then I sold my gun, got some money and turned it into $10,000. I converted $750 into $10,000. Then I came to where I turned $10,000 into $187,000.”

In the very same year, he was called as “poker champion worth $100m” by the Daily Mail.

The analyst of poker torn into the talent of Dan and check his playing skills. According to the analysts, the skills of Brazilian are not enough to make him a millionaire.

Another theory behind the luxury lifestyle of Brazilian Dan is his father’s assets. According to information available on different platform about the father of Dan, it claims that, his father made a lot of money from poker during 80s. But, he was jailed and was asked to pay the fine of $50-60 million. His father paid just few in return. And the rest of the money got missing.